Bartigeins Standard Schnauzers

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September 2017: Lovey (CH Bartigeins Crazy Little Thing Called Love) finished her Championship. All Lovey's points were earned from the Bred - By class. Myself Breeder/Owner/Handler .

June 2017Gabby (Bartigeins Gabriella Love Me Do RATCHX) earned her Champion Excellent Barn Hunt title

May 2017: Gabby (Bartigeins Gabriella Love Me Do RATCH) earned her Champion Barn Hunt title.

March 2017: Gabby (Bartigeins Gabriella Love Me Do RATM) earned her Masters Barn hunt title.

September 2016: Odin (CH Bartigeins Odin's Love is a Battlefield) finish his Championship at the age of 19 months. Myself and other handling. Owned by Susan and Bill Lensing

 May 2016: Ivan (CH Bartigeins The Warrior's Apprentice) finishes his Championship. Myself the breeder/owner/handler.

September 2015: Willie (CH Bartigeins Wee Willie Winkie)  finishes her Championship with 3 majors.  Myself the breeder/owner/handler.

June 2014:  Riley (UACH Bartigeins Boondocks RN) earns his UKC Agility Championship. Owned and handled by Diana Wells 

June 2013:  Piglet ( CH Bartigeins The Last Olympian) finishes her championship, all Piglet's points were earned from the breed by class.  Myself the breeder/owner/handler.

May 2013:  Riley (Bartigeins Boondocks) earned his Rally Novice title at Standard Schnauzer National weekend. Riley was owner handled by Diana Wells.

May 2013: Sassy (CH Bartigeins Strike a Pose For Almo) earns her Championship at just 19 months old to become the youngest Bartigeins Champion beating out her father (CH Bartigeins Born on the 4th of July) who had that distinction before her. Sassy was owner handled by Rick Almendarez.

September 2012: Indy (CH Bartigeins Independence Day) earns her Championship with 5 majors. Myself the breeder/owner/handler.

October 2011:  Nate (CH Bartigeins National Treasure BN,CGC) earns his BN (Beginner Novice) title. Nate's score for his three legs were 198.5 (1st place), 198 (2nd place) and 198.5 (1st place). Myself the breeder/owner/handler.

September 2011:  Piper (CH Bartigeins The Pied Piper CD, RN, CGC) earns her CD(Companion Dog) title with Marilyn Hettick owner/handler.

May 2011:  Tommy (CH Bartigeins Born on The 4th of July) finishes in style going breed over 4 specials to get his 3rd major (two of them being 4 points). All of Tommy's points were from the bred by class.

September 2010:  Nate ( CH Bartigeins National Treasure) finishes his Championship with 4 majors.  Myself the breeder/owner/handler.

May 2009:  Izzy  (CH Bartigeins The Rainmaker) becomes a Champion with myself the breeder/owner/handler.

June 2008: CeCe (CH Stahlkrieger’s Cece Bartigeins) becomes a Champion with Bob & Heidi Cummins and Cheryl Crompton owners/handlers.

     CeCe makes both her mother Tasha (CH Davini’s Natasha Yor Mine) and her father Nick (CH Stahlkrieger’s Lone Ranger) leading producers.  Leading producer status is achieved for the Standard Schnauzer when the Dam gets 4 Champion offspring and the Sire 6 Champion offspring.


June 2008: Piper (CH Bartigeins the Pied Piper RN) earns her RN (Rally Novice) title with Marilyn Hettick owner/handler.


March 2008: Piper (CH Bartigeins the Pied Piper) becomes a Champion with Kathy Hettick and Jennifer Jutt handling.


November 2007: Steel (CH Bartigeins Ein Stahlkrieger) finishes his Championship, Cheryl Crompton owner/handler.


May 2007:  ME (CH Bartigeins Natasha’s Mini Me) becomes my 1st bred Champion. Myself the breeder/owner/handler.


August 2004: Tasha becomes Champion Davivi’s Natasha Yor Mine.